Index of Contents


- Galician, Galicia's own language
- Origins
- Romans
Map of the European Romance Languages
- Germans, arabs and Britons
- From latin to Galician
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- Centuries XII to XV
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- The Dark centuries
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- Rexurdimento (Revival)
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- Beginning of the twentieth century
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- The 20's and 30's
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- The postwar period
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- The sixties
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- The 70's and 80's
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- Today

Galician Today

- Introduction
-1991 census
-Sociolinguistic Map of Galicia (SLMG)
Language Proficiency
First language
The way Galician language is used

- The administration
- Galician in the education
Primary and Secondary Education
- Communication media and cultural production
The Press
Radio and television
Cultural production
- Galician in the world