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Research CentersCentro de Investigacións Lingüísticas e Literarias Ramón Piñeiro

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univesity bodies    
Departamento de Galego
University of Santiago de Compostela. Galician Language and Literature Department.

Departamento de Lingüística Xeral e Teoría da Literatura
University of A Coruña. Department of General Linguistics and Literary Theory.

Instituto da Lingua Galega

Servicio de Normalización Lingüística
Service created by the University of Santiago. Devoted to the normalization of the Galician language within the University.

Other sites
of interest
Meyer Lab
About the Galician language and culture.

A lingua Portugesa
Medieval literature and origins of the Galician language.

Plataforma polo galego na informática
The PLAGA is devoted to fostering the use of Galician in the field of Computer Science.

Ciberirmandades da Fala
Devoted to fostering the use of Galician in the ciberspace.

Language and Culture in Vieiros
This page contains a huge variety of links to resources about Galician language, literature, theatre, history, etc. Updated weekly.

Mercator Media
Searchable database of media publishing or broadcasting in European lesser used languages. Galician has its own section.

for the languages
of the world
The Human Language Page
Index of the human languages.

Ethnologue Database
Languages of the world.